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This is Greeting>>Hello world, it’s me. Making an appearance in the virtual blog world.

These are Sad Excuses>> I know, I know…. I’ve become one of those uncommitted bloggers who just shows up every few years. It’s lame. I mean, the blogosphere is not in need of another blogger like me. Sometimes, I really wish I was a “real” blogger. But I’m not. At least right now I’m not (I will now add “be a real blogger” to my “maybe someday” list). I often have thoughts of blogging… but I guess I’ve decided that for this time in life blogging doesn’t have to be a priority. (sorry)

This is Where I Resort to Random Pictures>>  Since it appears that I haven’t blogged in awhile, and won’t be catching up very soon, I will  just pick 12 random photos from the past few months.






 basketball collage  



Meet my newest and very darling nephew, Adrion!


IMG_0008 1

Birthday party picnics with family are my favorite. :)


friends -


















in a tree







Snake roast anyone?

































I just love his fuzzy bed hair, morning eyes and fingers in the photo.



Eager faces, greeting me with smiles… all ready to learn English!




































These are closing statements>> What? Twelve already? Ah, oh well. You will just have to be satisfied and let that quench the enormous curiosity you have to see into me life. heh.

This is when I bid farewell>> Till next time (hopefully a little sooner instead of much later),

- Monica


This is where I add a Post Script>> PS. There is a new issue of Girlfriend Gazette out. If you are a young teen girl, or have young teen daughters, or are just painfully curious… you can check it out here: 

GG Autumn 2014

June Twenty Forth



Nineteen years ago today (June 24th, 1995), God gave the gift of Anja to the world.


This is the first June 24th we’ve had since Anja went to heaven. Kelci and I decided to take the day off to celebrate the abundantly full life Anja lived. We went and found a quiet spot to journal, pray, reminisce, and talk about everything Anja meant to us. We miss her a lot.

I miss her a lot. The pain of losing someone as dear as Anja is not something you get over. But I can testify to God’s healing love in my heart and His gentle comfort.

In the past nine months I have been wrestling through questions like, “is God truly good?” But having wrestled I can say, “yes, God is good.” Not because I understand, not because it is even easy for me to say “God is good”, but because He has given me the grace to proclaim His goodness.


Excerpt from an email from Anja: [You think this will last through eternity? ;) Every day we have a decision to draw people towards, or away from Jesus. Maybe sometimes its as simple as a smile and maybe its in the middle of the daily routine to a grumpy family member. I’m not sure we’re called to measure our impact…??? just more continued thoughts on last night’s ‘deep’ discussion which ended in a giggling fit. =D I don’t know….just thinking. (i know it is surprising) Love you guys–and miss you like crazy today. – Anja]


Anja, I can’t find the words to express myself like I want to. My heart feels so full and so empty as I think of all the dear memories we shared. When we were kids you were my funnest playmate. When we grew up my dear friend and confidant. Oh Anja…you pointed me to Jesus again and again!!!

I miss you. I miss you so, so, so much. And it tears me apart to think of all the things we dreamed of doing that we’ll never be able to do. I’m claiming the Psalm, “for a day in your courts is better then a thousand elsewhere.” What you are experiencing now is faaaar beyond anything I can even begin to imagine. “My heart yearns for the courts of God…” And I yearn for the day that we will praise Jesus together. I love you Anja!


After sitting down by the river Kelci and I decided to see if we could follow some trails to find a waterfall. Random. But random was what we always did with Anja.

My cousin Linda wrote a beautiful tribute to Anja today… you can read it here:

My heart is with each one of you who loved Anja dearly. Especially Uncle LaVerne, Aunt Rebecca and family. We love you all so much.

- Monica


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