A Brand New Day

     This new blog feels rather like a brand new day.

     I used to use blogger but, I was getting fed up with it and decided a nice fresh start would be…nice. 🙂

     I decided to give WordPress a go…but if I end up wailing and running back to Blogger I apologize.

      I have no idea what will all get posted on this blog, but I hope it will be an on-going song of worship to Jesus!

So, how about switching your subscripition to this blog, and buckling your seat belt?




3 thoughts on “A Brand New Day

  1. Darling, I love it! Blog away, and quickly.

    And I’m not mad at you for accidentally-almost-copying-me;
    I think it’s rather swell.

    Now hop to it, my orange guava yoguccino.
    I await your blog posts with ardor.

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