Mr. Certaintly-Not-Obsessed-With-Baseball










There really is no guy quite like Israel.

I thought interviewing him would probably prove to be quite interesting (because he’s interesting) and insightful, and tell you all sorts of things about this young man.

So, I sat down to interview him and hear all about his many passions and be very…well, you know…informed.


But there’s something you should know about Israel.

He’s the kind of guy who lives life %200.


Like tonight while playing “pitch and catch” he’s running all over the yard, “Monica! SECOND!” and “Monica, HOME!” And along with that making me run all over the place too. Finally, I stop to catch my breath and say, “do know why I like pitch and catch?”

He just looks at me like why are we having this conversation in the middle of a World Series game?

But I continue anyways, “I like it because it’s relaxing.”

His jaw drops, and he just stares at me like I am the latest alien from mars.


Back to my point, when he is passionate about something….wow…he is reallllly passionate about it. 🙂

And, from this interview it would also appear he has a one-track mind.


Anyways, I would love to write pages and pages of funny stories, and reasons I love this little man… but I will get on to the Interview.




















Monica: What is your favorite thing to do?

Israel: Play baseball.


M: How do you feel about broccoli?

I: *grimaces* BOO.

But if it’s in sauce I like it.

Chinese sauce.


M: What is one of your favorite memories?

I: When you WILL play pitch and catch with me!!!


M: Tell me a time you did something very silly.

*gets a sneaky grin on his face*

*chews on baseball glove*

When I chewed on a baseball glove…

So, can you play baseball with me?


M: Tell me a story involving a baseball.

I: Remember how I told you that I knocked the guts out of the baseball?

The most awesomest thing in baseball history!

Have you ever heard about Babe Ruth? Of course not!

Babe Ruth pointed to the centerfield bleachers and he HIT IT.



Do you know what he’s called?

He is called the King of Crash.

M: What does that mean???

The Saltant of Swat

M: What is that?

Israel continues on with his rigamoroe about Babe Ruth and Monica just listens in wonder.


M: What is your favorite color and why?

*rolls eyes*

I like black and white because they put it on uniforms.

Monica: like referees?



M: Uh, no. *ahem*  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

I: I would go to a baseball stadium and play baseball.



M: What are your views on girls having tea parties?


M: Why?

I: Stinky.


M: Was there a time ever that you did something incredible?

I: Yea, I knocked the guts out of a baseball.


M: How do you feel about interviews?



And kind of fun.


M: What about…*meager attempt* rainbows?





*chews on finger*

I… well… think they are pretty because they have like, a MILLION colors in them.


Monica: What do you want to be when you grow up?

I: A baseball player.


M (tries to talk about something besides baseball): How do you feel about (desperate) climbing things?

I: Umm.


I like to climb the fence sometimes… to get my baseballs.


M: What is your favorite food and why?

I: All kinds of stuff.

What is it called again?

Hot dogs.

And all kinds of junk food.

Rockies kettle corn!

(Monica GIVES UP.)


M: Do you have any words of wisdom?

I: *yawns*



What was the question again?

Monica: Do you have any words of wisdom?

I: Yes.

What was the tenth commandment?

The tenth commandment is Do Not Steal.

So, don’t steal.

Monica, you didn’t even know that.

*Monica and Israel run off to play baseball*


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