You Have the Choice

    (This was taken from a recent journal entry. I post this only to tell you of what God has been showing me in my life, and convicting me of… it has been heavily on my mind… and the phrase, “you have the choice” has run through my mind over and over.)

Every day we make hundreds of choices. Choices of insignificance that are so tiny that they will make no difference for eternity.

I mean, come on! Do you really think those small choices you make of what you are going to do with your time are going to make any real difference in light of eternity?

Eternity is massive. Huge. It cannot be measured by any time or number here on the earth.So, how could any moment of time that we spend here on earth make any difference?

You’re right. That thought that whirls around in your mind right before you sit down to watch that pointless and amusing movie just told you the truth. The truth that it really doesn’t matter what you do with that teensy time slot.

     It’s meaningless.

     It’s all meaningless.

     Go ahead, use your time up, keep surfing the internet for another hour or so.

     It’s not gonna matter.

     You could spend this next hour praying and compared to eternity that hour will be the same as if you had spent it on Facebook finding out who won the baseball game and who canned the most cans of applesauce.


Yes, I know… right about now you are wondering where I am going with all of this. “Excuse me!” you interrupt, “you are telling a lie!”

Of course I am.

But think about it,

Isn’t that what you tell –what I tell– God every time I sit down and choose my favorite novel instead of His very own Word? “Well God… you wrote an awfully nice book… but the plot just isn’t riveting enough.”

That’s how ridiculous I am sometimes!

You see the truth really is that we have an incredible gift: the incredible gift that whatever we do for Christ here on earth will make a difference in eternity. Life doesn’t have to be meaningless!

I have choice.

I have the choice to talk with my friends about “she said, he said,” or “hey, guess what God told me the other night.” I have the choice to get up ten minutes earlier so I can spend some time talking with Him before I start my day. I have the choice to be obedient to His promptings of whatever it is He would rather me be doing right now.

I am by no means here to speak out against internet, books, movies or sleep… but simply whatever it is that Satan would use to distract us from whatever it is God would rather we would be doing right now.

Eternity is immeasurable.

Life is crazy short.

Right now I have the choice of what I am going to do with the next 10 minutes of my life here on earth.

I have a big choice to make.

And so do you.


“the end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


4 thoughts on “You Have the Choice

  1. I struggle with spending my time wisely and this was really good for me. As I start a new school year I’m challenged to use my time wisely and make choices that make God smile. Thanks for this post!

  2. Do you know that this post is powerful, that it was for me, and that it is truth that will set free? Thank you. Praise Him. He speaks, you write, we listen, and it changes. Hoping to see you this week sometime! I’ll text you about when!


  3. Monica. What do you know, it seems like every time I speak with you, you continue to amaze me and make me think of what you wrote about! God gave this to you for a reason, maybe to build you up and make me see things, I need to right now! Thanks for it! 🙂

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