A Legacy of Holiness

Memories of Grandpa

     (I thought I would share with you an entry from my journal… it is not an icredible piece of art… or nearly everything I would like to say about my dear Grandpa… it’s so hard to express this all with words. I hope you read between the lines… read all those words in between that don’t even exist in our human vocabulary.)

     Grandpa loved God and was a man of faithfulness and truth.

    Some of my earliest and fondest memories are from summer trips to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. We’d make the big long trek from Colorado to South Carolina, and after stumbling out of the van we would all be greeted with hugs and smiles from Grandpa and Grandma. (And Grandpa’s hugs were always followed by a chuckle.)

    There was never a time when Grandpa wouldn’t bring out his little truck and let us all drive it. Everyone from the little toddlers (Grandpa would be walking beside, guiding every step of the way) to the older teenage grandkids would get a chance to ride.

     And there were always walks in the woods too… Grandpa would always have a hat and a tall walking stick when he went on a walk. We’d go through the woods and talk, or Grandpa would walk along humming and every once in a while would point out to me the names of trees. Grandpa the teacher had a way of turning everything into a lesson.

    And the memories aren’t just from our visits to South Carolina. Grandpa’s would come and visit every one of their children every year! And that is no small thing since their children live in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Maryland, South Carolina, and Colorado. Their visits were, to say the least, always greatly anticipated!

     We went antique shopping with Grandpa a lot, Grandpa knew antiques well, and it always fascinated me.

     Grandpa was a handy man, a jack-of-all-trades, and didn’t like sitting around. So it seemed whenever we knew he would be coming around a whole lists of to-do’s would be waiting for him.

    We went to a lot of fun places with Grandpa’s, whether it was places in Colorado, or Tennessee, or a western trip to California, trips were always better when Grandpa’s were along!

    Grandpa believed that as Christians whatever we do should be done thoroughly and excellently. Grandpa was very particular when it came to his art, or caning chairs, or gardening…and even puzzles (It didn’t matter how long he would have to sit there humming, but when he did pick up a piece it was a fit!).

     Grandpa was a farmer at heart too… and his garden was always beautiful and very well kept. He loved taking his tractor out into the garden for his taste of farming. (Grandpa’s office was always full of tractor models. 🙂

     Grandpa didn’t really like movies, but he liked watching the Andy Griffith Show… I have so many memories of Grandpa watching them and being silent except for an occasional chuckle. Grandpa was always humming…always. The one time he went into church humming Santa Claus is coming to Town.

     Every birthday Grandpa would send us a $10 bill in the mail… and every Christmas too… he would pass out the bills by name in the correct birth order without needing any promptings!

     Grandpa loved music… you could always hear his strong tenor voice when you were in church. One year at a family reunion he took all of the grandchildren aside and directed us as a choir and taught all of us how to read sheet music.

     Grandpa cared a lot about his family. At breakfast every morning he would pray for each member of the family by name. He cared about each one of us personally… and was always asking us questions about our lives. Grandpa was always teaching us truth… constantly showing us the importance of building our lives on God’s Word. Even during his last days here on earth he was still telling us to keep the faith and to continue trusting God.

     Grandpa was a true example of a servant leader, Grandpa was a man who didn’t waste words. When Grandpa said something, people really listened.

     Grandpa’s life is a testimony to God’s faithfulness. He was a man who took God’s word for what it meant… no matter the cost. He loved God, and his life was a reflection of that. I could never tell you the impact and lasting legacy he has had on my life and all he taught me… many lessons he spoke verbally, and the countless more he taught with the way he lived his life. It is my prayer that I would never take for granted the heritage of holiness he has passed on… and that it might continue onto the future generations.

      Grandpa, I still miss you more than I can say… I love you!

Heritage of Holiness


I don’t want to lose the vision; I don’t want to take for granted,

The heritage of holiness that has been passed on,

I don’t want to lose the fire; I don’t want to lose the glory,

And I long for His outpouring all across the land.


I have been given something that does not contain a price,

Its jewel has been a precious one, its rays have touched my life,

It’s a heritage of holiness and to it I will hold on,

Lest I lose this precious vision, the generations have passed on…


Now days have turned into months, and months turned into years,

And people start to lose the love, of what they once held dear,

Oh may I never lose the value, of a clean and spotless soul,

For the holy way is the only way to achieve our final goal…


I don’t want to lose the vision; I don’t want to take for granted,

The heritage of holiness that has been passed on,

I don’t want to lose the fire; I don’t want to lose the glory,

And I long for His outpouring all across the land. **

**this is the song all of us grandkids sang at Grandpa’s funeral. It describes Grandpa so well… our desire is to carry on the legacy he has left for us.


6 thoughts on “A Legacy of Holiness

  1. A lovely tribute to your Grandpa!! I remember times spent with your mom at thier home, and at SMBI. I tended to fall asleep in your Grandpa’s classes, I also remember eating breakfast in the morning,( at thier house) your Grandpa prayed for lots of people, meant long prayers… what a blessing to others! Diane Histand

  2. Monica, that was absolutely lovely. I was in tears…reading it! You have written such a great journal entry on your Grandpa! It’s so obvious you loved him so much. Don’t ever forget the memories you’ve shared with him or the times of prayer to our most incredible God! What is so awesome is-Monica, your gonna see your Grandpa again! What a happy-so happy- time!

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