Because He Cares

Life these days has entered the craziest-possible mode.

Everything is crazy-busy, crazy-overwhelming, crazy-sad, crazy-overwhelming, crazy-happy, crazy-overwhelming, crazy-huge and…crazy.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to lose focus… and to become depressed and overwhelmed with everything crazy that is changing and happening.

But there is something I am discovering… it’s during these crazy times that I learn that God really does have control over everything. It’s during these times that He draws my heart nearer to His.  It’s during these times that He makes me into the young woman He desires me to be.

He is teaching me to delight in the place He has me now…to be content in today instead of fearful of tomorrow.

I must choose to make my delight in Him… I must choose to take time to enjoy the little things in life or I will be completely bogged down by all the crazy-big things. I must choose joy!

Easy? Not at all!

Does He give grace? Absolutely!

So…today I count the blessings in a day. I recognize the rays of sunshine that my Abba has sent me recently.

He sends them because He can.

And because {He cares.}

Litte sister’s giggles are bursting with sunshine…

and there’s a special visit from dear family from El Salvador… and Kelci and I are completely charmed by this little man they call Jeremy.

pretty purpley flowers from Jerica’s very own flower bed.

The fun of taking a day off to go to the North Pole with some wonderful friends…

…and that green sick feeling you get when you have gone around in circles a few too many times… (not quite sure if that part is a ray of sunshine. but it’s certaintly worth mentioning. ;])

moments of worship…

Not to mention a very special visit from our dear cousin Anja… what an amazing burst of sunshine to have her here for a weekend!

Tea, candles, and deep kindred-talks about everything He is doing in our hearts and lives…

Happy balloons beckoning everyone to come find treasures at our Yard Sale…

And I must mention laughter again, because it is filled with more sunshine than anything else in whole big wide world.

Times at coffee shops…and more talking.

A girls spa…all candle-lit with chocolate and pretty piano music.   

Strawberry Crepes.

{enjoying the rustic beauty of my foothills…}

Well, I really wanted to add so much more to this post… there are so many more things I could mention. Even the very fact that Autumn has begun is enough to make me go twirling into a happy dance. 🙂 but I’m thinking I better go ahead and publish now or it will never happen. ;]

I feel like this was a disconnected and highly unammusing post.

But that’s okay, it was for my benefit anyways…

Today, take the time to enjoy all the rays of sunshine your Abba Father has sent your way.

He sent them just for you.

Because He cares!


8 thoughts on “Because He Cares

  1. loved the post! Makes me anxious to come to CO and spend time with you lovely ladies. Yes, God does give us rays of sunshine during hard times – we just need to look for them.

  2. Yes, I get it…the crazy-happy, crazy-hard, crazy-overwhelming. . .but God is so GOOD!
    Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for what He has done/is doing!

  3. Hi Monica, Your Mom sent your family Christmas picture which I received today. Lovely picture and lovely family. I’m so glad your blog address was on it. I have enjoyed your site, especially the picture of the friends at the North Pole. :). I’m heading their way next week. May God Bless you and your family as you go to Thailand and serve Him where He has called you. I’m anxious to keep up with ya all via your blog.
    Elva (Cheryl’s mom)

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