Europe Longings

Europe– the land of fascinating history, intriguing places, elegance, and plenty of scope for the imagination.

I kind of miss Europe today.

Yes, today I am sick and a prisoner to the couch. Today I look at my Europe pictures between sniffles and coughs.

I decided I would do something semi-productive and share a few of my favorites with you. (And lets just say it was no small task trying to decide on those few from my 1,200. =] So, if you think this is a lot… I have actually been quite gracious.)

I am sorry if you are one of those people who gets tired of seeing pictures from other people’s travels… I’ll admit pictures are nothing like actually being able to go out and experience it for yourself… but there is something in pictures of distant lands that stirs up a longing within me… I find pictures of far-away places quite fascinating.

[One more thing: For the full effect you need to have this playing while you look through these pictures. Everything in life deserves the proper soundtrack.]

(above photo credit to Teresa)


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