God With Us

This is me… trying to jump back into the blogosphere. I thought it would be therapeutic to share a few pictures and “update” you all on a bit of my life.

Sometimes, I am absolutely stunned when I think about the bizzareness of the Christmas story: Angels causing fear in the hearts of men, a strange star suddenly appearing in the night sky, and a couple (the woman…a virgin, in labor) making their way through the crowded streets along with many other tax payers.

I honestly wonder sometimes where we get the word “silent” during the chaos, filth, and pain involved with the Christmas story. Thinking of everything that must have been going on in the Spiritual realm is enough in itself. Can you imagine the quake as the forces of evil realize that their plans are about to be foiled? Can you try for a moment, to imagine the sound as all of hell screamed at the top of its lungs?

And oddly enough, even as I picture all of that in the Christmas story… I still picture peace.

Why? Because peace has absolutely nothing to do with circumstance. Peace has everything to do with Emmanuel: God with us.

This Christmas season, my heart is so full of gratitude and love for the One (the very Word that spoke the stars into existence) who gave up everything so that He could become flesh and dwell among us!

And now that I have done a sufficient amount of rambling I shall move on to pictures (everyone deserves a chance to showcase their own set of ornament and candle pictures… right? 😉 ) of this season that rejoices His first coming.

 These two are just the dearest and the best. IMG_9691

 Madam Nichole, exibits the most extrodinary decorative tastes. (I love this picture in so many ways. 😉 )IMG_9712

 Some traditions are…delicious. IMG_9747

Fa la laa la laaaaa!IMG_9764

 Israel will now demonstrate is sweetest, calmest look…that is of course, very true to real life.IMG_9833

Meet Madam Israelette.

(…what an utter goofball!)


Some things are too sweet for words.


Beauty thy name is also Laughter.

(and Nichole)


Excuse me as I continue into the happy world of me and my lens. 🙂




(The nativity Dad and Mom brought home from Bethlehem… one of the most loved traditions from my childhood.)





It was awefully fun to blog again!

May each one of you be blessed with a deep-peace filled Holiday.

Because of Emmanuel,



6 thoughts on “God With Us

  1. “Because peace has absolutely nothing to do with circumstance. Peace has everything to do with Emmanuel: God with us.” Yes. You are absolutely right. Emmanuel has been my favorite name of God for several years now. Beautiful post! Thank you!

  2. Wow…loved reading your thoughts on here again. “Amen” to it all. I love God’s names–learning about what they mean and experiencing His many characteristics….but this year Emmanuel has definitely been one of my favorites–God with us, God with me…truly the only way to real peace, which isn’t dependent on circumstances, but on the presence of God. Love your pictures–they look so fun and festive and make me miss you all so much!

  3. oh, as I read this I relizied how much I miss you!!! I love reading your blog!!!
    Emmanuel….God with us…….Love the thought!!!! Beautiful thought…Awesome thought!!!
    God is AMAZING!!! Your pictures…love them all..(and the people in them!!)
    Love you!!!

  4. Oh Monica, It was so good to hear from you again. I love hearing your thoughts. Loved the pictures too. Makes me miss you guys a lot (that doesn’t seem to express it enough but words fail me). You’re making me teary eyed. Thank God that He is with us – even when leave feels messy and chaotic. Love you and missing you (oh, I think I mentioned that already). 🙂

  5. Oh Monica….I cannot explain the full meaning of how much you mean to me. No words can even come close. Your blog post was so beautiful. Your thoughts on Christmas was well written and I had such a good time reading them. So super awesome!!!! Monica, you mean so much to your ‘Umbrella’. I love you, girl.

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