Thai Life in Gratitude

This is the first official post on Thai Melodies, from the real, live, actual Thailand! (But don’t worry, even though I am fluent in Thai after just 3 days… this post will actually be in English. :D)

:254: Origami Turtles:

the first gift given to me in Thailand, by a grandpa who sat across the aisle from me on the plane.

:255: “Welcome to Thailand!”:

:258: All Five Senses in a New Culture:


:272: Exploring the new neighborhood with my little bro:


:266: Memories:

:274: The Song Tou:


:273: Fans =]:


:267: First Little Neighbor Friend:


:259: Little Sister’s Hand in Mine:


:260: Flip-Flops

while everyone else in the states is freezing. 😀


:261: Mountains:

yes. thank you Jesus.

:280: A Quiet Sunday Afternoon:


:263: Silent Smiles

from neighbors I can’t talk to.

:270: Palm Trees and Golden Sunlight:


:265: Smoothies:


:275: Wind in My Hair:


:278: Thai Food:

IMG_1619 IMG_1342

:281: Shopping:


:279: Mom:


:264: Jesus Eyes:

:274: “The Barkmans Come in FOUR DAYS!”



Yes, it is still a little (okay, more like a lot, a lot, a lot :D) hard to believe that we are actually finally here!  As in, Thailand actually exists and it’s not just a figment of my imagination.

It’s been fun getting to know this place… and I’ve been enjoying every moment of the new and exciting. But, I have been praying hard that God would allow me to see Thailand through His eyes. Not just as another exotic place or grand adventure… but as a place filled with people who are incredibly loved by Him.

So far, the journey has been awesome. Life changing.

Lord Jesus, keep working. Never stop.


9 thoughts on “Thai Life in Gratitude

  1. oh, oh sister!!! PICTURES!! I keep looking and looking at them! I can’t believe my 5 year old sister is truckin’ around like a pro in a songthau…I can’t believe you are eating Thai food and slurping smoothies…or sitting in the warm sun on your patio…and seeing through God’s eyes His heart for Thailand. Please feel free to update as often as you like… 🙂 Love you!

  2. I am excited to find this post today, I have been thinking of you all. Blessings to you all as you adapt to life in Thailad. Happy birthday to Mom!! I look forward to more posts!

  3. Oh Monica I love it all!!!! I wish I could be with you!!Thanks SO MUCH for posting keep it up!!! I think about you and your family all the time!!! love ya!!!

  4. This glimpse is wonderful, Monica! Blessings as you settle in. . .I’m sure there’s more than smoothies and flip-flops to adjust to (but those are really good at making your freezing readers jealous). 🙂

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