A Thousand Words

I have no profound, witty, or entertaining things to say tonight… but I have managed to take a few pictures during this crazy life I lead.

So, this is a post for family and other interested-in-my-life-people who are far away “back at home.”

This is Monica disciplining herself to doing a wordless post.

*puts duct tape over mouth*











IMG_1763 IMG_1749

























Leave a comment… would totally rock my day!


14 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. ohhhh moni!!!! this made me want to cry… all over again!!!!!!! several things ran through my head..
    1. how jealous i am that some of my favoritest people in the world are together across the big bad ocean… without me. *sob*
    2.i LOVE all of Izzies many many faces… 😀 he’s so charmingly cute!!! 😀
    3. i love the light in the first photo
    4 my word… i see that you all get coke in bottles. not. fair. (is there diet coke over there??? you know.. for when i come? 😉 )
    5. that dress… in the one photo… of the lookies out the window… with the dresses…. that blue topped.. striped skirted dress.. i’m in love with.
    6. another thought that went through my head.. how i miss them. how sad i am that i didn’t get to see them this past fall. *sigh*
    7. how i wish i could be over with them… because they sure do make it look oh so fun. *sigh* you rock
    8. my goodness they are going to be oh-so-spoiled by the amazing looking (and tasting i’m sure) drinks over there.. they’re
    going to be just orderign drinks from Thailand when they come home.:D spoil me too when i come… ok? keep up the awesome good job of photos etc. cause i want to see each and every (well.. almost) one!! 😀 someday. 😀

  2. so good to see pictures and see what you are up to. Although I am sure the journey is somewhat different for each of you I am so glad you have some of your very dear friends with you to walk through this together. you are loved and missed!

  3. I feel totally overwhelmed commenting because I want to comment on EVERY picture! 🙂 Loved them all! Thanks sis!
    1. groovy light there
    7. every kids dream…a banister to slide down!
    8. They are so simply adorable 🙂 And you had COKE! In a bottle! Together! Did you have pizza too?
    16. It is very happy to know you are journaling at a coffee shop together!
    17. Also a very happy thing to see you two together! 🙂 🙂 yay!
    21. And WHO is the adorable little girl?? I mean all of them are…but the one I don’t know…
    23. Sojos. My family at Sojos. That’s just amazing to think about 🙂
    26. Oh dad 🙂
    27. haha, that’s great 🙂
    31. You have found them. Pink bikes. ❤
    33. and the roosters???? are???? from????

  4. Oh Monica my M&M……How I miss you SO much!!! I was almost in tears! I can tell you and your family are having an wonderful time in that far off place….I love you very much!!! And I REALLY REALLY want to come see you!!!!<3 🙂

  5. Monica, your pictures are wonderful, they bring back so many memories of when my parents moved to Thailand and helping them settle in. I hope you enjoy some khao soy for me!

  6. What can a person say? Thank you for posting, first off! It does my heart so good to “see” the life you’re molding into. SWEET new dresses I”m seeing! 🙂 The new house (from what I can see), looks splendid. Shopping there appears and amazing experience. And just the beauty of such lovely ladies living next door to each other amazes me. THanks for keeping me “posted”. Pun. Blessings.

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