Darkness and The Light

There is darkness here. Darkness like I’ve never witnessed before. Yes, when I lived in the states there was much evil and paganism around me… but here the darkness is forthright. I can’t be ignorant about the darkness when I walk down the street and smell the incense coming from my neighbor’s “spirit house.” I cannot avoid it as I pass yet another temple or shrine on my way to the market. I cannot deny that darkness exists as I observe people going through their empty rituals in order to earn “karma.”     

So much darkness.

Oh, how I feel His heart breaking for his people! These beautiful people who are living in so much emptiness and fear. I have asked Him over and over again to show me Thailand through His eyes. He has given me glimpses of His steadfast love and His heart-aching. Sometimes, it would be easier to not have those glimpses and just live on, ignorant of the dying world.

There is nothing as infuriating as helplessness. What can I possibly do? It seems strange that in a place with so many opportunities that I would be struggling so with life purpose. What is the use? How could God possibly use me to bring people to Himself? Why am I even here?  Satan would so like to discourage me and make me believe that his darkness is more powerful than The Light!     

The Light.

How much certainty, power, hope and life come through The Light! On several occasions, when the darkness was most oppressive, I have gotten this picture of each of us (in the group I was with) having a small flame of fire of our heads, pushing back the darkness wherever we went. Evil cannot stand even a little of that Light in its darkness! And so I claim the power of The Light… I trust that even in my own unworthiness His light will shine forth!

     Glory to the Lamb, the Light of the world!


“The people who walked in darkness  have seen a great light;

those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,  on them has light shone.













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