Thai Life.


I’m thinking it’s about time to do a more informative, picture post again. Not promising anything incredible… just a few pictures for some of you out there who have been wanting some. Hopefully this gives a small glimpse into Thai life!


Coke parties on the front porch.IMG_1817


Mind you, it’s no ordinary sunset…it’s a Thai sunset.


Meet our new vehicle… who is still in want of a proper name.


We met Austin’s Thai “brother”…He stayed with a Thai family for the first few months in Thailand.


Our introduction to the Night Bizarre where we acted like silly tourists, took tons of pictures, and were amazed by all the colorful things they had to offer.


They are my favorites.



Just dig in the rotini kids… dig in!


So many new things to see and take in! Sometimes, it’s exciting and intriguing and other times it’s terribly overwhelming.



We ladies finally did The Thing To Do… fabric shopping!  Good times!



And then sometimes I just have to stop and say, “wow…I live in this country.”


Just because… I love her supah much.


Monday, Austin took us older m-bark kids for a day of seeing Thailand.

What an eye-opening day. It just gave us so much more of an understanding of the Thai people, and the serious spiritual battle going on.

In the morning we went to see where the monks come every morning to gather food for the day. We also visited Dou Setep, a buddist temple.

[You can see more pictures, and read some of my thoughts on that experience here:]

What a heart-wrenching experience, to see the fear these people live in! What emptiness and darkness. How I want them to know the freedom and life in Christ!

Oh, but what a high priveledge for us to pray, sing and proclaim the name of Jesus in places where He is hardly ever (if ever!) praised! How rich we are to be able to communion with such a Saviour! What a joy to serve my Lord out of love instead of fear!!! Oh that they would only know that joy… dear Jesus, show us how we are to show them!

Next thing, was the super scary scavenger hunt! Where, we were given a list of things we had to complete as a group in Chaing Mai…

IMG_2219As it was one of the things we needed to do for the treasure hunt, we talked to this kind monk about his beliefs. Among some other things, what stuck out to me was just the uncertainty of the buddist religion. You never know if you are “making it”, if you will make it to enlightenment,  or if your good deeds are out waying your bad. Pray that he might know the assurance of salvation through Jesus!


In the market…on a mission.


Trying some Chai Yeng. (Which, for the record is ammmazing!)


Our first taste of dragon fruit… and the picture explains.


What do you mean we look lost?

No, not lost at all. Just beginning to stress about the uncertainties of our current location.


And starting to look around us in alarm…


And looking at the map again just because…we like it.


Yes, It was quite the treasure hunt…


despite incredible odds,

language barriers,

and lack-of-post-office

we courageously arrived at



And just as we arrived…

they gave a parade in honor of our mighty deeds and valor.


(okay, okay, okay! i was having so much fun there…i got a leeettle carried away. :D)

We were so happy, we took pictures.


And as a self-reward… we got yummy Thai food for lunch!


(Oh, and did I mention how happy I am that there are mountains in Thailand?) <<bunny trail.


Then we went to Compassion Home.

Wow, those kids have this way of completely stealing your heart in a matter of seconds.

Amazing to see how much you can communicate despite those “babel walls.” So thankful for laughter, and smiles, and a lot more laughter.




After supper, while the kids were taking their showers, we all sit around and practice the Thai words we’ve been learning from them.

To us, it sounds like a bunch of unintelligible sounds… but we hope that it sounds like words someone.

(Please take time to reflect upon these expressions… they will explain quite well. :D)


Love them. So much.



Oh these kids…

(let’s just say none of us were in to going home…)


Well, I think I am going to end this “update” now… have to stop somewhere, right?

Please, please continue to keep our family in your prayers! This blog may portray that all that ever goes on is happy-tourist-fun… but that’s not exactly true.

There is a lot of hard adjustments going on…and life just takes energy right now. It takes work to process so much can be exhausting.  How do we slip into a new “normal”? How do we face everything that is ahead? How do we deal with having so many of the things and people we love so far away? How are we ever going to learn language? Where is our purpose? Will we ever understand this culture? Will we ever feel at home in such a strange land?  What does He even have for us here?

Yes,  a lot of questions.

But, God is so good! And He has been proving Himself to be that steady rock through it all.  I know His plan is far greater than I could even imagine!

Anyways, I will stop babbling… and just ask you to p r a y.

We love you all so, so much & miss you insanely.

God’s blessings be upon your day!


3 thoughts on “Thai Life.

  1. I cannot DESCRIBE how much I like this.
    Sometimes I wonder what on earth I’m doing in this strange new world … but I hope if it’s a dream, I won’t wake up.
    So thankful we get to live this with you!

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