New Culture Symptoms

You may be experiencing a new culture if…

… Half the time you don’t know what you are eating… and the half of the time that you do know you wish you didn’t.

… Walking out of a store proves to be nearly fatal when you forget that pedestrians do not have right-a-way and you nearly kill yourself plowing across the street like a maniac.

… You communicate almost entirely with gestures of the hands. Dad would call this method, “Signs and Wonders” I would agree… a lot of signs and a whole lot more wondering.

… Once again you look like an idiot while walking over to the driver’s side instead of the passenger’s.

… Greasy McDonald’s is to you an oasis in the desert.

… Both the right and the left side of the road feel correct to you and you have moments of alarm that leave you feeling like you don’t know if you are down or up.

… Reptiles are your latest companions.

… Letters from “home” are like ministering angels.

… You have a conversation with your sister and she says “good morning” and you say “goodnight.”

… All of your sentences end with question marks.

… You spend hours in the grocery store… and only come out with a few of the items you needed.

… Whole wars have been fought and won and new countries have been established in the time it took you to count your change.

… You communicate a simple word like “thank you” in the native tongue and the feeling you get is comparable to receiving an Olympic gold medal.

… You laugh a lot. Mostly because you want to be in on the great joke you are to the rest of society.


I guess I am now what they call a TCK (third culture kid); it’s nice to finally have a valid excuse for being weird.



falls and safari



5 thoughts on “New Culture Symptoms

  1. Oh, my! Well, at least you have much to keep your life adventurous. *smile*

    Thanks for the sweet note you left in my garden walk, love!
    xoxo | grace

  2. loved picturing you in each one of these 🙂 The one counting change especially made me giggle…and that last one about laughing a lot is a good perspective to have, hehe. love you!

  3. O my dear Monica…Love it!!!<3
    To read this and to know YOU wrote it makes my day brighter!!
    Luv ya!!!!

    P.S. But the weather IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

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