He is Good.

Sometimes, God sends big life events to tell us He is real, and that He loves us. Sometimes, God just softly whispers, “I love you.”  And sometimes, God uses the littlest moments to get us through the big moments.

If I look back a year ago at who I was… it isn’t who I am now. And yet, it’s not as if I have had many “spiritual highs” (if such a term is even accurate) or had crazy “God Encounters”. Although I have certainty encountered God in new ways, when I look at the past year I see a lot of pain, and a lot of “low moments”. It’s not that I’ve changed in the way that I love cleaning the bathroom,  never lose my temper, and remain completely unaffected by my siblings’ attempts to annoy me. In fact, in the past year such things have seemed to surface more. But somehow through it all, there is a new steadfastness of faith, and a deeper love of Emmanuel.

Because God has been so faithful. Just as I think I can’t keep going on my own human strength He reminds me, I don’t have to. And just about the time when I am ready to give into the questions that the Enemy plagues me with, He assures me of Him… whether it is with a letter from a friend faraway, a funny quote from a sibling, or the sweet sense of His presence as I am laying hands on someone in prayer… He is faithful.

I take you back to a moment in December. When I was still in the beautiful state of Colorado, land I love. I knew in a few weeks I was going to be leaving to move to the tropical land of Thai. No more blustery fall days, no more wintery-snuggling-under-your-covers- nights. No more white Christmas’.

I had a small prayer. One that seemed so insignificant that I hardly had the nerve to pray it… but it was still there on my heart. A white Christmas. 

But they said that it hadn’t snowed in Canon City on Christmas day in twenty-seven years. What were the odds?

But that little heart-prayer was answered just as Christmas Eve was turning into Christmas day. It was well after midnight when I ran out of the Knepp house (where we were attending an annual Christmas Eve party) laughing as the white loveliness was being dumped from heaven.  I twirled around the yard yelling, “MERRY CHRISTMAS WORLD,” oblivious to all the stares coming from the people warmly tucked inside the house.

I stretched my hands before me, the snowflakes melting on my fingertips…He cares.

“I love you too, sweet Emmanuel,” my heart whispered back.


One testimony of His faithfulness. Simply wanting to proclaim His mercies and goodness in my life… for I have tasted, and He truly is good.

God bless you, reader. God really, truly bless you with a deeper truer, sense of His love and faithfulness, and His new-every-morning-mercies.




2 thoughts on “He is Good.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Love it!!!!
    I also LOVE reading your posts…You have a terrific talent of writing.

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