In the Garden

(Because of the silence on this blog and possible lack of inspiration… I have succumbed to just sharing my thoughts via recent journal entry. Really Monica, really?)     

06/04/13 —- I’m in the garden of a little Café near to my home here in Thailand.  I page through the book of Isaiah. I am distracted by an employee walking over to a small shrine a little ways ahead to offer food to the ‘spirits’. The employee is a young woman. The stench of the incense she burns drifts through the air as she mutters a few empty chants before heading back to work.

      I am immediately struck by the similarities and yet stark contrasts between what she and I are doing.

      I too sit here to come before my God. I sit down in this garden with a cup of tea as if I were about to visit with a friend. I pray, I read from the Word, and He quietly speaks peace into my heart. He is my best friend, my Abba, my all-in-all. He brings joy, peace and abundant life.

      Earlier this morning I went prayer walking with some friends at the bottom of the mountain where, every morning the monks come to collect food. Most of these monks are very young boys. There’s no passion in their voices. No light in their eyes. They are daily being taught to suppress desires and to live in fear of the spirits.

These people are searching to fill the void that was created when perfect communion with God in the Garden was broken.

       And yet, here I am, able to sit in a garden and commune with my Lord because of the Way made for me.

 But it’s not enough.

      It’s not enough to just sit here in this garden communing with Him. Someone needs to tell the world that there’s more then what they are living. So much more.

     I am going to accept the gift of communing with Him and in that communion I will love others as He first loved me.  Because without His love and His power alive in my life, I have nothing to offer these people that they do not have.

      I realize that much has been given.

      Much is required.


2 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Monica.. Thank you for sharing!! Love to hear what’s on your heart… how God is ministering to you.. and how you minister to others!!! Blessings to you!!! We love you and yes… the “missing you” has not gone away…..

  2. Oh Monica,
    Thank you so much for sharing I LOVE to hear from you and read your blog!!!!
    I love you and I know that God can use you to be a light to those who are empty and hurting..
    Miss you!

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