Ordinary, Beautiful Moments

It’s ridiculous. For some reason my camera decides it always needs to malfunction during all of my busiest, biggest happenings. The things I want to capture (like world travels and world-class visitors)  I can’t.

So the pictures I have for you today are just from the past few weeks. Nothing incredible or headline-worthy (not like in the real world  having visitors from Bangladesh, America, and El Salvador is headline-worthy… but in my world it is.) But just life. Things that we often ignore and in doing so miss many gifts.

Like the things little siblings say, peddle-bike rides, and raindrops on the window pane.

Just ordinary, beautiful moments.



I have never lived in a place where it rains like this (duh. the only other place you’ve lived is Colorado!). I thought pouring-down-rain was something that only happened in the movies… until now. Beautiful.



My number-one model for all my photography whims. Oh photogenic child.


Mo’s… yes, another awesome coffee shop.


(the other day us 3 youngest girls all went out on my 1 person scooter. You have to love that feeling when you finally make it safetly to your destination after teetering down the road at 15 mph and being laughed out-of-town by all bystanders.)


The view from our window. 



Wardrobe door fun. 🙂


Starting Thai studies.




And a wonderful time with friends who are sooy maak maak (yes, even while they eat chicken). ;]


Wow, you guy’s comments on some of my recent posts were amazing! Keep it up and the blog posts will keep rollin’.

(not to majorly hint or anything. *winks*)

Thank you all for your love and prayers… God bless you big time.

goodnight world.


4 thoughts on “Ordinary, Beautiful Moments

  1. Monica, I love hearing from you. So the more the merry (for me at least).

    Missing you a lot! I thought of you a lot over the wedding and wished you could have been there.

    Have a great day!

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