Jesus Speaks Louder

English Bible Camp.

How can I even begin to describe it?

God was so THERE at camp… and we all had a crazy cool time because of it.

And now… there will forever more be a piece of my heart with the village of Yang Mern (& with five girls particularly).



Each afternoon we had craft stations. This is card station with Kevin and Monica. I tell ya, we took card making to a whole new level. 🙂


Staff meeting was when we, the staff, would get together to chill, make bracelets (modern sewing circle, you see), talk about important matters and pray. We all agree that staff meeting is a very awesome thing.


How many kids can you get around a sink? I don’t know… but probably more than you thought. 

[This picture is most certainly not evidence of any leaders sneaking behind buildings to eat american snacks.]



Here the girls are drawling an art project to go along with the English lessons. They are amazing artists but quite the little perfectionists… I don’t think they ever got a picture done in time. 🙂



Just another day after craft station. (wildy fun chaos.)


Teaching English went awesome this year (shout out to Kimber!)… it was a great time to connect with my kids.

(Below, Milo and her Sii Faa girls)


Skits are one of the highlights of camp… for the staff anyways. 🙂


Jess and her little minions.




Group games are always a good chance to look ridiculous.





Being silly together. 😀


The last morning of camp we had a carnival… and guess what?! I finally got to be Giggles the Clown again!!


Jess and I manned the carnival face painting. IMG_2764





     It’s easy for me to go into a week like this past week and give it my all &  have fun with kids, but doubt that it’s making a difference… especially with the langauge barrier. But last week the words, “Jesus speaks louder” kept coming back to me. Prayer and loving like He does really does make an eternal impact…. not because of me… but because of Jesus.

      Bible Camp was worth it because there’s so much hope for the little Thai village of Yang Mern!

      There really, truly is!

     Even in the darkest corners where Satan likes to whisper the lie, “I’m winning,”- there’s hope!  Jesus shines brighter. In homes where children are starved for love – there’s hope! Jesus is calling His precious lambs by name. On the roads that are covered with questions of pain, sickness and death – there’s hope! Jesus offers us the Answer. In a world where the curse of Babel rages in confusion and our words fall like meaningless chatter – there’s hope! Jesus speaks louder.  For the village of Yang Mern there’s hope! Jesus has conquered death!

That, my friends, is  Bible Camp Spring 2014 in a very disorganized and scattered blog post nutshell. 🙂

  Rejoice today knowing you have HopeLive today knowing those around you need Hope and there isn’t much time – Monica


One thought on “Jesus Speaks Louder

  1. Thank you for sharing. How precious this was to be able to see how our Father is working “all over the world”.

    blessings to you all, Irene

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